E. Laurence Bake has been a dynamic force in the world of poetry over the last four decades. But from the outset of his writing career he chose to walk a much, much different path than most writers and poets.

Having achieved a degree of success as a professional concert musician at a young age, he was not inspired by celebrity, fame, media spotlights, public acclaim or awards. He had witnessed first-hand what fleeting, superficial goals had done to too many artists during his time in the music world. So he chose to dedicate himself to the mastery of his craft and the readers, private collectors and fans of his work exclusively. As a result, he never offered his works to publishers or agents, never sought grants, or media attention of any kind. He just wrote, built a following of thousands of private collectors of his poetic works. And he remained elusive and free of all of the trappings associated with literary, social,
economic and political communities.

But in 2020 the world changed for billions of people. And the once elusive poet’s life changed with it. And he concluded, “There comes a time in every individuals life when surrender is not an option.”

This public presentation of “The Call To Freedom” represents a new chapter in the life and work of one of the world’s most poetic, visionary voices. What began as few words of honest poetry, born in the fireside atmosphere of a small, snowy, winter town in Canada, quickly grew into a dynamic bombshell, public address – a passionate call to “SURVIVE” addressed to the People of Earth.

Today the importance of this profound and revealing presentation is finding its way into the hearts and minds of all who seek truth, justice and freedom.

It will continue to echo through time, for this and for future generations. And those echoes will continue to be heard and celebrated, so long as freedom-loving individuals continue to walk this Earth.

Ann Anderson
Site Administrator